As per Common Council Resolution on 12/16/2014:

section 42-41

(4) Properly licensed dogs shall be permitted, year round, within the entire Niawanda Park, provided that:

a.  The dog is restrained at all times by an adequate collar and leash not exceeding six feet in length and kept under the control of a competent person.
b.  The dog does not engage in loud howling or barking in an excessive manner so as to unreasonably disturb the comvort or repose of any person in a city park or recreational area.
c.  Such person conform with the laws, ordinances and park rules and regulations.

(b) no dog shall cause any damage or destruction to any property designated as a city park or recreational area.
(c) no dog shall be allowed to bite, chase or harass any person in such a manner as to cause bodily harm or injury.
(d) any person bringing or allowing any dog into any city park or recreational area will be responsible for the cleanup of any feces of such person's dog and shall dispose of the feces properly.