Most Requested Phone Numbers

Assessor: 695-8639

Building Inspector: 695-1806

City Attorney: 692-6316

City Clerk: 695-8318  - Vital Statistics, licensing,

Civil Service: 695-8626

Court: 845-2160  -traffic violations, warrants, small claims, criminal court

Electrical: 695-9232   -traffic lights, street signs, road line painting

Engineering: 695-8624

Fire: 692-8400   -emergency call 911

Historical Society: 694-7406

Juvenile Aid: 692-2102

Kohler Pool: 692-2737

Library: 693-5043

Mayor: 695-8645

Parks/Trees: 505-1172  -park shelter permits, trees,

Plumbing Inspector: 695-8627

Police: 692-2121   -emergency call 911

Probation (Tuesdays): 695-0526

Public Works: 695-1376   -garbage pick up, streets

Recreation: 695-8658

Senior Citizens Center: 692-7029

Sewer: for sewer billing call 695-8637

Treasurer: 695-8637   

Other Numbers:

Board of Elections: 858-7781

Board of Education: 694-7690

Canal Fest of the Tonawandas: 692-3292

Carousel Society: 693-1885

Chamber of Commerce: 692-5120

Erie County Water Authority: 849-8484

Erie County Tax Office: 858-8333

Kibler Senior Housing: 882-5935

Motor Vehicles-DMV Call Center: 858-7450

North Tonawanda: 695-8555

Post Office: 693-4560

Social Security: 1-800-772-1213

SPCA: 875-7360

Tonawanda High School: 694-7670

Tonawanda Housing Authority: 692-3555

Town of Tonawanda: 877-8800


Wildlife Control - The following vendors will come to your home to investigate and/or take care of wildlife.  They will charge a fee for this service.

   1.  Birds and the Bees - 676-2964

   2.  Nuisance Wildlife - 731-8041 or 602-3956

   3.  AGI Nuisance Wildlife Control - 725-7310

   4.  Wildlife Pest Control - 896-3740

If you have trapped a skunk - call 695-3029 Wildlife Rehabilitator Pam Stiegman is available if you have trapped a skunk and need help removing it.


Rat baiting Info: 

Please check to be sure no one is using rat bait pellets without a bait box.  Packets left out in the open will be carried away by birds and left where domesticated pets can get at them.  The dog or cat will seem OK for a few days then become very ill and die.

 Packets left in the open endanger  migratory birds: geese/ducks/crows/seagulls.

 Children are also at risk, Vitamin K must be given within 4 hrs of exposure.