Youth Court

City of Tonawanda Police Department
200 Niagara   Street
Tonawanda, NY14150
716 692-2102  Ext. 340
Officer Jason Balling - Youth Court Coordinator

The Tonawanda Youth Court was established in the City of Tonawanda in 1984 and is under the guidance of Officer Jason Balling. The court is comprised of Tonawanda students from the 9th to 12th grades. Students advance from bailiffs to judges during their tenure on the Court. Cases are handle on an individual basis as a diversion from Family Court. They handle cases ranging from simple trespass to non-violent felony. Professional Judges and attorneys from the area are and have been consultants to improve the quality of the Youth Court. This is a cooperative effort between the City and the City of Tonawanda Schools. Mr. Brian Colegrove and Mrs. Kelly Steinbrenner are the school advisors for the group. Each student receives two credits towards their diploma for graduation. The Tonawanda Youth Court has been a model for other courts throughout the United States, ex. Buffalo, NY; Anchorage, Alaska; Mesilla, New Mexico; Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota.

National Youth Court Center