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City Of Tonawanda Civil Service
200 Niagara Street
Tonawanda NY 14150
(716) 695-8626
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Civil Service Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00pm in the Civil Service office and are open to the public. Whereas the public need may require, meetings may be moved to the community room located in the lower level of City Hall.

Due to updates across the city's servers the Public Announcement Member List has been cyber lost.
If you would like to be informed of City, School, Library, and Housing employment vacancies or exams please email "ADD ME" to

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Applications for exams can be submitted to the Civil Service office between those hours. Outside those hours applications can be submitted to the Clerk's office where staff will process the fee payment and give applicant a receipt. The application will be retrieved by the Civil Service Secretary and processed immediately. 



Exam Scores will be announced as having been received when New York State releases them to our agency. Score and rank will be mailed to candidates AFTER the Commission approves the list. This process can take 4-6 months. Please be patient.

Civil Service VACANCIES:      

Civil Service EXAMS 
*Police Captain  This is a promotional exam

Check back soon for upcoming exams!

Civil Service Exam Prep & Additional Info


Exam and Employment Forms:

Applications for examinations should  only be filled out and provided to the Civil Service Commission Office when  there are exams announced and the last date for the filing of applications has  not passed. Exam fees must be included with the application unless filing for an exam fee waiver as an unemployed head of household. (Waiver form must be submitted with application).

 * Notice to candidates who are taking the May 2021 Police Officer Examination: It is the responsibility of the  candidate to provide a college transcript to the Commission office verifying  that they have met the minimum requirements before they can be certified for  appointment.  Contact the office regarding  transcripts at 695-8626  or e-mail:

heck back for more exam/vacancy announcements


If you would like to be added to our list of emails that receive
employment vacancies and exam announcements, please email with the subject line
stating "Add Me". 
Include your name and residential city
Email Notification Announcement

Applications are accepted from January 1st thru December 31st of each year for Non-Competitive and Labor Class positions that may come up within the City and special districts during that calendar year.



 * Notice to candidates who took the  March 19, 2016 Firefighter Examination: It is the responsibility of the  candidate to provide a copy of their New York State basic Emergency Medical  Technician (EMT) certificate to the Commission office verifying that they have  met the minimum requirements before they can be certified for appointment. Contact the office regarding certificates at 695-8626  or e-mail:

 Please call Civil Service Department  at 695-8626 for more information.
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Monthly Meeting Minutes:


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