City of Tonawanda


200 Niagara Street

Tonawanda, NY  14150

Treasurer: William J. Reece
Phone: (716) 695-8637
Fax: (716) 695-8315

William J. Reece

Mission Statement
The City Treasurer's Office will coordinate all financial responsibilities of City government at a level that will allow its Elected Officials and Department Heads to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding the direction of the City, and will serve the public in a courteous and professional manner

Tax Rates: Total Assessed Value divided by Equalization rate = 100% Market Value

  2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Equalization Rate 98 90 100 95 92
Res Assmt Ratio 98 90 100 95 92
COUNTY 6.009051 6.01758 5.193954 5.595198 5.227177
CITY 17.74117 18.626235 18.2653 18.54802 19.64444
SCHOOL 17.530188 18.084379 16.140363 15.76643 16.3071
TOTAL 41.28 42.73 39.60 39.91 41.18

For Online Tax and Sewer Payments, and Assessments:  Click Here
To find true tax amounts: multiply **Land Value by the above rates
(**due to problem in system the Land Value is the total assessment value)
**we are working on this problem**

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Online Parking Ticket Payments

Tax Search and Tax Receipts request  Please click the link to print the form to order Tax Search & Certification.  Required for Sale of property in Erie County.  Fee for Search is $25  

Tax information can be found here
If you need additional information please email 
Please include address/SBL number and information requested

Programs & Services

All accounting functions used to generate independent audited financial statements
Budget Direction and Reporting
Tax Collection
Sewer Billing & Collection
Accounts Payable
Payroll Administration
Health Insurance Administration for employees & retirees
Administration of Self Insurance for Workmen's compensation and General Liability
Administration of Debt Financing

City of Tonawanda Financial Statements 12/31/2019
City of Tonawanda Financial Statements 12/31/2018
City of Tonawanda Financial Statements 12/31/2017

2018 Auditor Letter to Council (1)
2018 Auditor Letter to Council (2)

Billing Information

Tax Bills mailed - Due
County           1/15 - 2/15
City                 4/1 - 4/30
School            9/1 - 9/30

if the due date on bills falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be the next business day.  

**If you have paid off your mortgage, and they will no longer be paying your tax bills, please notify the so we can mail your tax bill directly to you.**

Payments can be made using the online payments link at the top of the page with credit card* or e-check*, in person with cash, check, or credit cards* at the Treasurer's office during business hours, or by check in the 24hr drop box on the west side of City Hall by the parking lot, or by check mailed to 200 Niagara Street, Tonawanda, NY  14150.  Checks to be made out to City Treasurer.  *convenience fees added to payments made with these payment methods.

**IMPORTANT**  If paying your taxes and sewer payments through your bank online, please make sure your bill account number is correct.  The bill numbers may change from year to year, and in order to correctly apply your payment to the correct account we will need the right bill number.

 Sewer Use Bills
    The City of Tonawanda uses water consumption information provided by the Erie County Water Authority as the basis for the annual Sewer Use Bill.  The Sewer Use Bill is an annual charge separate from the City property Tax Bill.  The Sewer Use Bill is payable in four (4) installments due May 31st, July 31st, September 30th, and November 30th - or the next business day if due date falls on a holiday or weekend.   A 10% late charge is applied to each installment if not paid before the due date.  The sewer charge is based on the minimum annual charge of 40,000 gallons.  Effective February 1st of each year, all unpaid sewer amounts are re-levied onto the next City Property Tax Bill. 

Sewer use bills are mailed once a year on May 1st, and include payment stubs for all four installments due May 31st, July 31st, September 30th and November 30th - or the next business day if due date falls on a holiday or weekend.